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The Strategy and Tactics of Revolution

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A Practical Guide to The Strategy and Tactics of Revolution
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Practical Guide to The Strategy and Tactics of Revolution

Part One


Armed Insurrection, Leaderless Resistance, or a Legal Movement?

Our Present Situation:

Our Aryan culture, our Aryan way of life, and our very Aryan race are in danger.

Nowhere on this planet is there an Aryan nation, an Aryan homeland: a piece of

land where Aryans dwell in freedom and live according their unique Aryan way of

life. Nowhere on this planet is there a place where Aryan culture is upheld.

Instead, the Aryan peoples of the world now live in “multi-racial

societies” with their customs, their way of life, their Aryan concept of

law based upon personal honour, outlawed. Furthermore, these “multi-racial

societies” are committed to a way of living (consumer-capitalism) which

true Aryans – true warriors – find abhorrent, just as these societies actively

harass, persecute, imprison and even kill those Aryans who proudly and

defiantly stand-up for their Aryan culture, their Aryan way of life, their

Aryan race. These societies describe any show of Aryan pride, of Aryan culture,

of the Aryan way of life, as “racism”, and the governments of these

societies have openly declared war on “racism” and


Thus, we who think, feel and wish to act and live as Aryans, find ourselves

living under Governments of Occupation which are determined to mentally enslave

and mentally condition our people, and which are determined to eventually breed

our race out of existence through race-mixing. The governments which now rule over

our people have sought to tame and domesticate our once fierce, proud, warrior


For well over sixty years, thousands upon thousands of brave Aryan men and

women have tried to do something about the sinister manipulation of our people,

about the gradual erosion of our rights, our freedoms, our culture, our way of

life, and about the destruction of our homelands, our fatherlands, through

multi-racialism. Many of these people have been imprisoned – some for long

periods – as many have been beaten, harassed, intimidated, and persecuted. Some

have even been killed.
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Every year more and more repressive anti-Aryan laws are introduced which

further restrict what we can say, do, write, or even where we can go. Every

year, more and more Aryan activists are subjected to Stalinist-type

“dawn-raids” with their homes searched for literature which the

anti-Aryan governments have outlawed. Things are so bad, so repressive, in the

once Aryan country of Britain that it is now a criminal offence, punishable by

imprisonment, to even possess dissident, “racist” literature, as well

as a criminal offence to try and organize an Aryan movement dedicated to Aryan

warrior ideals and which thus seeks to organize military-type instruction and

training for its members. Even the carrying of any defensive weapon – an

ancient Aryan right and a sign of our commitment to defending our own honour –

has been outlawed, just as the forthright and natural expression of dislike for

such decadent creatures as queers is now branded as “hate speech”.

This suppression of our people, of our natural warrior way of life, is evil; it

is tyrannical. But what are we to do? How can we fight back? How can we fight

for our people, our culture, our way of life, for our very freedom to live

among our own kind according to our own customs and laws? How can we create an

Aryan homeland for ourselves?

Are we to play the game our enemies wish us to play? The game of forming legal

and peaceful political Movements which stand in elections? Are we thus to play

according to the rules which our enemies have made and which they change every

time they believe we are achieving some success? Are we to believe that our

enemies would calmly hand-over power were an Aryan political Movement to

achieve success through elections?

Or are we to use the tactics of armed insurrection where a covert group, or

groups, are organized and Aryans recruited and trained to be urban soldiers? Or

of leaderless resistance, where lone-wolf individuals undertake acts of

sabotage, disruption, and political assassination?

The Truths We Must Accept:

There are three fundamental truths which we must accept before we undertake any

activity, legal or covert, and even before we consider how we might create an

Aryan homeland and thus restore our freedoms, our culture, our Aryan way of


These three fundamental truths are:

1) That the very purpose of our individual lives is to aid, to assist, our

folk, our race: that is, to do our Aryan duty to our race. This duty comes

before any and everything else: before our own happiness; before our own

comfort; even before our own life.

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If we accept, and act upon this truth, we will become warriors: we will think,

act, feel and behave, as Aryans.

If we do not accept, and do not act upon, this truth, we will be what our

enemies want us to be: mere consumers, mere drones, of their

consumer-capitalist society; a society dedicated to destroying the diversity

and difference of Nature in the name of an evil, tyrannical, social


2) That we are engaged – whether we like it or not – in a real war for freedom

and for the very future of our race, and that we live under a repressive

Government of Occupation which has and does mentally manipulate and brainwash

our people, and which has sought, and which does seek, to maintain the

illusion, the lie, the hoax, that we live in “democratic” countries.

We must see through the illusion of security and contentment which our

Government of Occupation has created. Animals kept in cages may well have a

peaceful life, and may well be well-fed, but they are still in cages, and still

unable to live as they should live free and in their natural habitat.

We must see through the illusions which our Government of Occupation use in an

effort to keep our people entertained, diverted, and the propaganda and

brainwashing which keeps our people in ignorance of their Aryan culture, their

Aryan identity, their Aryan duty, their Aryan Destiny, and which makes them

into self-indulgent consumers and worker-drones for the capitalists and

decadent politicians who run and who maintain this repressive

socially-engineered consumer-capitalist society.

We must understand that the way of living of all presently existing societies

where Aryans live is un-Aryan, and detrimental to our health, our well-being,

our freedom, and our very future. The present way of living of these societies

is decadent, dis-honourable, ignoble and represents everything which a warrior,

a true Aryan, detests and loathes – which is why we are fighting to create a

revolution: to destroy this way of living and replace it with something which

is healthy, and noble and which expresses the way of life, the character, of


3) That our Aryan way is the way of personal honour, of absolute loyalty to

comrades and true friends, of commitment to doing our duty to our folk. These

things express our own Aryan character they express what it means to be Aryan;

they are the basis for our unique Aryan way of life.

We are fighting to create a society where these Aryan values are upheld, and so

we ourselves must strive to live, and if necessary die for these values, these


Only if we accept these three fundamental truths can we begin to undertake the

hard task of striving for victory.

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Our Ways To Victory:

Since we are fighting a war for our very survival and for the future of our

race, and since we are fighting a powerful enemy who has the resources, the

power, the influence, to introduce new laws, new social and political

legislation, to further tame and domesticate our race, and since our freedom,

the very future of our race, is at stake, we cannot afford to restrict

ourselves in the choice of tactics.

No General, commanding an army on a battlefield, facing a powerful enemy who

seek his death and that of all his troops, would listen to an advisor who

advised him that he could not employ certain tactics because these tactics

might be considered unsuitable by some civilians “at home”, far away

from the field of battle. This General would certainly not be bothered about

what the verdict of some future academic historian would be about his tactics.

For the General, and his army, it is question of victory: of life and death; it

is not an idle or pretentious academic discussion, divorced from reality.

The only criteria an Aryan General would use under such circumstances is

whether his tactics would work, and if they were honourable: that is, suitable

for warriors.

The tactics available to us in the war we are fighting are three-fold:

1) A legal political and social organization or Party;

2) Active resistance to tyranny through organized insurrection;

3) Active resistance through leaderless (or lone-wolf) activism.

What is important is for us to fight. It does not matter what tactics we use

provided they are both practical and honourable. That is, the only real

restriction on our choice of tactics should be that they are, or could be,

effective against the enemy, and that they are honourable.

In reality, this is not much of a restriction, since rules of war, rules of

engagement, have been laid down for combatants to follow in times of war. By

following these rules, we are being honourable.

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These rules specify that there must be a public declaration of war; as they

specify that anyone who fights in such a war should be a serving Soldier of a

military organization: that is, part of an Army.

Thus we are morally justified in using the three tactics which are necessary:

that of a legal Movement seeking political power; that of active resistance

through organized insurrection, and that of “leaderless”, or

lone-wolf, resistance.

The Objection to Active Resistance:

The main objection raised to the tactics of active resistance – that is, to

organized insurrection and leaderless (lone-wolf) activism – is that it leads

or can lead the Government of the day to introduce more repressive legislation,

and may cause them to directly ban Aryan political organizations.

While this may be true, the reality is that:

1) We already have – without having much in the way of active resistance – a

tyrannical Government which has restricted what Aryan political organizations

can do, what their leaders and members can say or do in Public, and what

literature those organizations can produce, possess and distribute. Every year,

this tyranny increases. There has been, over the past thirty years, the

introduction of Stalinist-type Marxism by stealth, by deceit, until now we are

forced to live in what is a repressive crypto-Marxist society: that is, in a

repressive society which is Marxist in all but outward name. There has been a

silent, almost bloodless, Marxist revolution.

2) These political organizations – dedicated to “peaceful” means –

have achieved very little, or nothing, over the past three or four decades,

despite vast sums of hard-earned donations being spent on election campaigns,

and despite the commitment of thousands of dedicated supporters. And this while

our rights and freedoms have been taken away; while our culture and way of life

are suppressed and outlawed; while our people continue to be manipulated and

brainwashed; and while our once Aryan nations continue to welcome and accept

other races, so much so that in about fifty years time we Aryans will be in a

minority in our own nations. The fate of the White farmers in what once was

Rhodesia is an indication of what our future holds.

Consider a certain political organization which has been in existence, in one

form or another, in Britain since the late 1960’s. Today, after three decades,

its candidates in elections often poll less votes than the “Green


The fact is that these organizations lack two essential things: first, a

genuine, inspiring, charismatic, leader; second, the right social and political

conditions in society. To succeed, to get anywhere near political power, there

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has to be a strong honourable, uncompromising leader: an honourable person who

acts out of a genuine love of his people, and who radiates both this genuine

love, this genuine concern, and the determination to triumph against all the

odds. And even for such a leader to succeed, there has to be the right social

and political conditions: there has to be a desire in our people for radical

change, for a new order. That is, there has to be mass discontent; a

pre-Revolutionary situation.

The problem is that we do not have such a leader, as we do not have such social

and political conditions. And our enemies have tried hard, are trying hard, and

will try hard, to keep our people content: well-entertained, well-distracted,

and reasonably well-fed. At present, the majority of our people, mentally

manipulated as they are by our Government of Occupation, do not know about

their own Aryan culture, their own Aryan way of life, and are simply not

concerned about the future of their race. They have lost their identity, their

culture; and are unaware of the true purpose of their lives, manipulated as

they are and have been to believe and accept the ignoble values and ideas of

the consumer-capitalist “multi-racial” society where the purpose o life

is seen as self-gratification and a personal happiness.

Active Resistance is a means to aid political and social change: to bring about

the conditions which Aryan political organizations can take advantage of. That

is, active resistance is part of our overall strategy to achieve victory, and

indeed essential to that victory, for without this resistance our societies

will continue as they are, with our people lost to their Aryan identity, and

blindly going forward to meet their doom. Without this active resistance we

will be doomed to live forever in the cages of this capitalist-consumer

society, restricted by the chains which ou ignoble enemies have forged to keep

us servile and tame.

Active resistance is a means to break the mental, the social and political,

chains which bind our people; to shake them out of the lethargy, the stupor,

they are in. Active resistance – and only active resistance – is a means to

aid, or bring about, that revolutionary situation which is required in order

for us to win or seize political and social power and so be able to create an

Aryan-only homeland for ourselves where we can live in freedom according to our

own Aryan laws and customs.

In brief, active resistance and legal political organizations are both

necessary, both required, for victory. And if a Government, because of active

resistance, does introduce more repressive legislation, and does directly ban a

political organization, then that must only intensify our efforts. A good

leader, a real leader, of a political organization would have the skill, the

ability, to rise to such a challenge and would if necessary simply re-name such

an organization, or create another one, and continue skilfully playing the game

of politics according to the rules made by the enemy.

Until we have such a leader, what political organizations there are or will be

created, will achieve very little, and certainly not the revolution, the social

and political power, we need. Therefore, the argument that such political

organizations now use against active resistance is irrelevant.

It must be repeated, given our situation, given the sinister nature of the

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repressive tyranny we are forced to live under, active resistance is not only

morally justified, it is a duty.

The reality is that our people need a revolution or a war or the breakdown of

the System to shake them out of the lethargy, the stupor, the decadence, they

are in: to arose once again the fever of their ancestral warrior blood. They

need to once again face the hard reality of life; to have to make difficult,

life-changing and life-threatning, decisions: to have great challenges to

overcome, for that breeds character, and bring forth the best of men, and the

best in both men and women.

People have to be faced with making a choice between doing what is right, what

is necessary, what is honourable, and doing what is wrong, what is


The whole cocoon which this decadent materialistic consumer-capitalist society

has surrounded our people with must be smashed, for this is the only way we can

destroy the evil, oppressive, multi-racial tyranny we are forced to live under.

For this tyranny is destroying our race and our lands through its sinister

policy of “socially engineering” a multi-racial society, and through its

naked capitalist greed.

We must know, remember and act upon the truth that this multi-racial society is

the racial genocide of our once proud, warrior, Aryan race.

There is going to be no war, no revolution, no breakdown unless we who know,

who feel, who understand, create it. There is going to be no awakening of our

people, unless we awaken them through such things. The very future of our land,

our people, really does depend on us.

The whole fabric of this decadent materialistic society must be broken down and

destroyed, by whatever means are necessary and practical, and however ruthless

we have to be, for such ruthlessness is now necessary to save our people and

our land and enable us to live in freedom and as we must live: among our own

kind according to the laws and traditions of our noble warrior culture.

Part II: A

Practical Guide


The following items are for National Socialist revolutionaries – that is, for

those prepared to live and act, and in necessary die, like real warriors. A real

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warrior is someone who acts – who actually does deeds of war – and an elite

warrior is someone prepared to undertake whatever actions are necessary in

order to bring about, or aid, victory in war. We as Aryans have now to fight a

real war against our real enemies in order to win back the freedom which these

enemies of ours have taken from us.

These enemies tyrannically rule our own Aryan lands, and we are forced to live

under a tyrannical government of occupation. National Socialist revolutionaries

are freedom fighters who are resisting this government of occupation. These

days, it is necessary for us to fight a holy war – we must have a fanatical

faith in the justice of our cause of freedom, as we must understand that the

time for talking, for seeking our freedom by peaceful means, is over. The most

effective form our holy war can take, at present, is covert direct action

against our enemies, whoever they are and wherever they are. Our enemies must

be taught a lesson, as they must be reminded of that lesson every year from

now. These enemies of ours must learn to go in fear of their lives.

Such direct action is part of our long-term strategy to win back our freedom

and create a truely Aryan homeland for ourselves and our descendants. It is not

a policy arising out of despair, or because we have given up hope. We have

simply learnt that the old peaceful tactics of “electioneering” –

pursued for over fifty years – have failed. This new strategy – outlined in

Part II of this booklet – is the means whereby we can win.

These are crucial times for our race – either we fight, and win back our

freedom, or we endure oppression, and have our race eventually bred out of

existence. For too long we have followed the wrong strategy and used the wrong

tactics — for too long we have tried to abide by the rules and the laws of

the System; rules and laws made by our enemies with the intention of keeping us

under control and keeping our people enslaved. For too long we have tried to

play the election game of our enemies hoping to achieve success and have

ourselves voted into power. Every time it seemed we were achieving success, our

enemies changed the rules of this game – introducing more and more tyrannical

laws to restrict what we could say or write, and to prevent us from defending

ourselves and stop us holding public meetings, rallies and marches.

The time for playing this one-sided game with our cheating dishonourable

opponents is over. Our enemies have declared war on us – and now we have

publicly declared war on them. We are prepared to take the fight into their

homes, their places of work – anywhere. If we have the guts to act – if

necessary ruthlessly – then we can and will win. If we refuse, for whatever

reason, to do what is now necessary then we deserve to be enslaved, bullied and

have our race bred out of existence. Each one of us has a choice. Our freedom

and our future depend on that choice.

In the interest of Aryan freedom, this document may be reprinted, re-published,

copied, translated and circulated in whole or in part without permission.

Part One

Practical Methods of Covert Direct Action

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There are four main methods of covert direct action applicable to the situation

under consideration – that is, applicable to a NS group seeking to

undermine/overthrow/disrupt/de-stabilize the present anti-Aryan System, and

thus create or provoke a revolutionary situation. The four methods are:

(1)assassination of individuals;

(2) terror bombing (including targets where

civilian casualties are probable);

(3) sabotage of the infrastructure of the System – such things as roads,

communications, television transmitters, airports, railways, power stations,

food supplies, businesses, shops, financial institutions and so on; (4) terror

campaigns directed at our enemies – indiscriminate or otherwise.

Each of these methods will be considered. However, before this, it is necessary

to write some words about Escape and Evasion, following any directaction.

Escape and Evasion

Once any direct action has been undertaken, it is necessary for those involved

to leave the scene as quickly as possible. Before any action is undertaken on a

specific target, one or more reconnaissance missions should be undertaken to

get the “lie of the land” and work out possible escape routes. Each

person involved in the action must decide before it what they are going to do

if something goes wrong – and in particular if they are challenged by a Police

officer or a “member of the public”. They must make a decision

whether or not to use lethal force, if necessary, and if they do decide to use

lethal force to escape or evade capture, then they must go prepared to do so.

This means carrying some sort of weapon – preferably a gun. Before the action,

a decision must also be made as to whether to openly wear the appropriate

uniform and insignia of an organization, and whether to carry weapons openly.

This is important, since if such a uniform is worn, and weapons carried openly,

then if caught or captured those involved can demand to be treated as “Prisoners

of War” under the Geneva Convention – since by so belonging to an

organization, and by wearing such a uniform and carrying their weapons openly,

they are technically Soldiers, and can demand to be treated as such. The

organization or Army, however, has to be properly structured – with Rules and

Regulations – as it has to have made a public declaration of war and named its


Should those involved not belong to any organization, or they or their

organization for whatever reason decide not to do the above, then they should

be prepared – after any serious action (such as an assassination or planting an

explosive device) – to dispose of (preferably by burning) the clothing worn,

including footwear and gloves. In respect of weapons, those involved must

decide whether to dispose of such weapons, or keep them hidden, and while in

many instances it would ideally be desirable to dispose of weapons, this may

not be practical, if such weapons are in short supply or will be needed again.

(1) Assassination
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Assassination is an effective covert method, although it does have one

significant disadvantage in certain situations. This is the high degree of

probability of the assassin being caught or killed after the act, if the target

is a “hard target”. Suitable targets divide into two types: (1) hard

targets, and (2) soft targets.

A soft target are those individuals who are not protected in any way by

bodyguards or security procedures. Such targets most live “ordinary”

lives. Assassination of such targets is fairly easy, as is escape, provide

suitable plans (for escape and evasion) are made beforehand. Soft targets

include enemies of our NS cause – examples of such people are:

(1) Communist/anti-nazi activists;

(2) Zionists;

(3) members and officials of anti-NS organizations;

(4) decadent scum like drug-dealers;

(5) local and national politicians who are active against or who have

spoken-out against our cause;

(6) Judges (if they have no Police protection) and local

magistrates who have sentenced Comrades to prison;

(7) Police officers who are involved in anti-NS activities, such as

investigating NS movements, arresting Comrades and so on;

(8 ) Government officials, both national and local, who are involved in schemes

harmful to our race and our freedom, and

(9) ‘Media’ and entertainment “personalities” who have spoken-out

against our cause or who have done things harmful to our race and our freedom.

Hard targets are those individuals who have a ‘high public profile’ and hold

some sort of official or government position, which entitles them to Police or

bodyguard protection. Such individuals often try to keep their daily movements

as secret and as secure as possible. Despite these things, assassination of

such targets is still relatively easy — although escape after such an act is

difficult or impossible. Hard targets by the nature of their work or their

official duties have to appear in public, and these appearances and travel

provide opportunities for a determined gunman. For instance, a hard target is

the British Prime Minister. This person is protected by armed Police officers.

When appearing in public, these officers – and others – try to keep ‘the

public’ at a distance, and keep a protective cordon around the target. But

there are many instances (during election campaigns, for instance) when the

target gets quite close to the public. Provided the gunman is in the right

place at the right time – and this is often a matter of luck or waiting for a

suitable opportunity – than an attack is feasible at close range using a

hand-gun. Suitable hard-targets include: (1) Elected officials who have

spoken-out against our cause, or done things harmful to our race and our

freedom – e.g. members of Parliament; the Prime Minister; Government Ministers;

(2) officials of foreign countries who act in an anti-NS way — e.g.

Ambassadors and Embassy staff of countries such as Israel, the USA; (3) senior

Police officers (such as Chief Constables and Deputy Chief Constables); (4)

Judges who have sentenced comrades to prison (if they or their homes are

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The most practical form of assassination is for one gunman to get close to the

target and discharge several rounds from a hand-gun at close range. The gun

should be checked and cleaned before the action, and if possible hand-loaded

bullets should be used – using the right amount of powder to

slow the velocity of the bullets so that once they have entered the body, they

stay there and do the maximum amount of damage. If possible, soft nosed bullets

should be used, as these break up inside the body, inflicting more damage. In

general, it is better for an inexperienced gunman to aim for the upper body (a

larger target area) and discharge several rounds. Aiming for the head can be

difficult if both the gunman and the target are moving – if the head is chosen,

then two shots will almost certainly kill. A good alternative to the hand-gun,

for both soft and hard targets, is a “sawn-off” shotgun with most of

the stock removed – double-barrelled shot-guns are generally easier to obtain

than “pump-action” ones.

It is best to forget, for the present, about sniper attacks on hard targets

using a rifle – although such attacks on soft targets would be very useful.

Sniper attacks on hard targets are very difficult to undertake successfully for

two principal reasons. First, only one shot is usually possible, so that superb

marksmanship is essential. Second, the Police and the Security Services try to

occupy or cover any vantage point a sniper might use. A

third reason, is that such precise attacks require a rather specialized rifle –

one which is accurate and which can be dismantled and thus carried without

arousing undue suspicion. It must be repeated that close-range attacks on

hard-targets mean that the assassin stands very little chance of escaping. The

assassin has to accept that they will be either captured (and possibly injured)

or killed. Because of this, it takes a special kind of person – a dedicated and

courageous fanatic – to undertake a close-range assassination of a hard-target.

For attacks on soft targets the assassin or assassins must plan their escape

before the attack. Following a successful assassination, of whatever type,

other Comrades in the organization have to issue a statement, crediting the

organization, and giving reasons, if necessary. This can be a telephone call to

the newsroom of some newspaper or radio station, or a printed statement sent to

such places.

Conclusion: A practical strategy to follow now in regard to assassination is to

target and kill several soft targets over the next year or two. Successful

assassination will get the organization known, respected and

feared. One aim here is to create a climate of fear among the types

targetted. The best types of soft target in this respect are:

(1) enemies of NS – specifically those active in anti-NS organizations;

(2) drug-dealers and

(3) those involved in street attacks on our people;

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(4) politicians who have spoken-out against NS or who have done things harmful

to our race and our freedom (such as supporting some new anti-Aryan law or

encouraging race-mixing).

(2) and (3) provide excellent propaganda material – the organization can issue

a statement saying such decadent anti-Aryan scum have

finally been brought to justice.

On the practical level, the organization must collect intelligence on suitable

targets, acquire suitable weapons and prepare statements for after the action.

Individual covert cells can then be supplied with a list of targets, and armed

with suitable weapons.

(2) Terror Bombing

Terror bombing – which is different from sabotage of structures and

installations using explosive devices (see below) – basically involves placing

explosive devices in a “public place” with either the intent of

causing civilian/military casualties, or causing damage to public facilities

and structures. The main aims of such a sustained bombing campaign are:

(1) to create a climate of uncertainty and fear among the public; (2) to

inconvenience that public through the security measures introduced to deal

with the threat; (3) to cause the government to use vital resources Police,

military, intelligence and financial – to counter the threat; (4) to

undermine the morale of the government; (5) to take the war into the occupied

cities and towns of the enemy; (6) to create and maintain an awareness that a

war is being fought, with the opponents of the government being prepared to act

and die for their cause. For such a campaign to be regarded as successful, only

some of these aims need be achieved. It needs to be understood that this tactic

of terror bombing is justified when a total, or holy, war is being fought, and

when a public declaration of such a war has been made. Whether or not it is

used – and whether or not the propaganda disadvantages outweigh the tactical

gains — is another question, which the organization must consider. But there

is no fundamental moral difference between a covert organization using this

tactic and a government which authorizes its military forces to (a) drop bombs

from aircraft onto cities; (b) fight a battle in a town or city inhabited by

civilians; and (c) which authorizes its Police and Security Services to

ruthlessly and with terror hunt down its opponents. The “moral

outrage” which Governments indulge in when a covert organization plants a

bomb which does or which could kill civilians is totally hypocritical – the

members of such a government, and the members of the military and civilian

forces aiding such a government, are only too ready and willing to use “deadly

force” against their enemies, whether civilian or not.

There are two main ways of conducting a bombing campaign – which can be

combined, or used separately. The first is to plant an explosive device in a

public place without warning, with that device exploding and causing civilian

casualties. The second is to plant an explosive device in a public place, and

to give a warning which leaves sufficient time for the area to be cleared, but

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insufficient time for the device to be found and made safe. In this second

instance, the device can be fitted with an “anti-tamper” mechanism,

and the warning is usually issued just after the bomb has been planted and the

bombers have left the area ( a delay of around half an hour is usual). On the

practical level, explosives need to be obtained, and skill in bomb-making

acquired. These skills are relatively simple (with manuals still readily

available), except where remote control, accurate timer-delayed and safe (for

the bomb-maker) anti-tamper mechanisms are concerned. These latter are quite

sophisticated skills, which either have to be learnt from an established

bomb-maker, or acquired by trial and error (which is a risky business). The

simplest way to begin is with

“fertilizer/sugar” bombs, or simple “nail-bombs”.

(3) Sabotage

The two aims here are: (1) to undermine the System from within – creating

disruption so that the everyday life of ordinary Aryans is effected more and

more, thus depriving them of some of the comforts of modern living, since it is

partly these comforts which encourage and make possible their servile, tame,

domestic existence; (2) to stretch the resources of the government – both

financial and in military/security terms – forcing the government to

repair/replace what is damaged or destroyed, and devote money, and resources of

man-power, to protecting its infrastructure.

The practicalities mostly involve using explosive devices to damage/destroy

vulnerable structures and installations. Suitable targets are:

(1)Electricity pylons – particularly to large cities;

(2) television transmitters and relay masts;

(3) water pumping stations;

(4) electricity sub-stations;

(5) motorways and main roads (particularly bridges and “fly-overs”);

(6) railways (particularly signalling and bridges);

(7) food distribution centres/wholesalers;

(8 ) underground gas and oil pipelines [these are at present mostly marked

where they pass under roads or rivers];

(9) large national and international factories and industrial complexes;

(10) indoor shopping centres;

(11) oil refineries;

(12) chemical plants;

(13) commercial warehouse and distribution centres;

(14) sewer treatment plants;

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(15) airports;

(16) container distribution centres;

(17)fuel distribution centres.

To be effective, this disruption has to occur at regular intervals – at least

once every six months or so – as it needs to be maintained for a period of

several years. Also, the type of target chosen has to changed on a regular

basis – for instance, one month, electricity pylons are attacked by explosive

devices designed to topple them, then next time a TV relay mast is attacked,

followed by a motorway bridge and then a distribution centre.

Most of the targets, when damaged or destroyed by a device, pose no threat to

life, so no warning needs to be given. In respect of targets where an explosion

might cause loss of life, the organization has to decide whether to issue a

warning before the device explodes (e.g. if a motorway bridge is chosen). If it

is decided to issue a warning, some kind of delayed detonation or remote

control needs to be incorporated into the device. Thus, if a bridge was chosen,

the device could be in a vehicle, which is abandoned.

It needs to be understood that the main aim here is to create damage and

destruction to installations and structures. The aim is not to specially injure

or kill civilians (or even Army “bomb-disposal” personnel).

Accordingly, targets should if possible be chosen to avoid such injury. Thus,

buildings are chosen when they are empty of workers and so on. There is in

these instances – and particularly with isolated targets such as relay masts,

pylons etc. – no need to hide the explosive device, or fit them with

anti-tamper mechanisms. They simply have to placed to cause the maximum damage,

and either detonated “on site” or fitted with a simple delay


On the practical level, explosives need to be obtained, and intelligence

gathered on suitable targets. The initial targets chosen could be those fairly

isolated ones where a simple device, without a wireless remote control or

electronic timer-detonator, can do damage. Suitable initial targets are

electricity pylons; TV relay masts; oil pipelines (generally buried over six

feet below ground, so some digging necessary) and so on.


On the practical level, the best strategy for the immediate future is the

following. (1) Assassination of several soft targets; (2) Start of campaign of

sabotage by using explosive devices against vulnerable, low-risk targets. Once

these initial things have been done – and more weapons and training acquired –

then a long-term campaign of sabotage, assassination and insurrection can be

started with the aim of creating the revolutionary situation that is necessary.

It must be understood that this campaign has to be maintained for at least five

to ten years for success to be achieved.

The organization needs feasible and practical aims which it can demand from the

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government every time an action is successfully undertaken – with these aims

being understood as some of the things the organization is fighting for. These

aims have to specific, as they could in theory be conceded by the government.

One such aim is to demand that the government make a public denunciation of the

holocaust lie. Another is to demand the right of Aryansto educate their

children in Aryan-only schools. Another is to demand that Aryans be allowed to

carry weapons in public for their own self-defence. The primary aim for which

the organization is fighting – and which all such similar organizations and NS

individuals are fighting for – is an independent Aryan homeland where we can

live among our own kind, in peace, and according to our own natural laws and

Aryan customs. In this homeland, our own Aryan culture can flourish as our

children can be educated in an Aryan and National Socialist way. This primary

aim has to made known every time an action is successfully undertaken.

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