Shugara Syndicate is an elite and secretive operational arm of the Order of Nine Angles, established in order to re-instate the true horrors of Satanism. The heresy, the danger, the threat and most importantly, the terror of which the essence of Satanism is based upon.

We seek the total downfall of all magian superstructure and all of its components in order to appease the Dark Gods. Our aims are quite simple, and our methods extreme. Through appeasing the Dark Gods via devotional deeds, we open dark gateways from which they may come forth from the Abyss and manifest in this world. We exist to MANIFEST DARKNESS…

We are the new generation of Satanic Extremists emerging in a time of global desperation to push the world into hyper-suicide. Those who are sworn into the SS become the Engineers of CHAOS, TERROR and TOTAL ANNIHILATION of all that is.

We are the nightmare caste creeping up the spine of social, political and magian stability…


Night Wolf;
121 yf.

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